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Payment and Shipping Methods

Payment Methods:

Cash on Delivery Payment

For the convenience of those customers who are willing to pay cash for their order, if their delivery address is Tabriz, then they can Pay the money in cash when delivering an order.
However, it is recommended that respectable users pay their money online in order to process their order faster.

Cash on Delivery Payment with Bank card

Another service for paying the orders that are delivered to the Sadra leather Tannery's city is a payment service with a bank card at the place of delivery. This can be accomplished through POS devices.

Pay as card to card

People who can't pay online via Gateway or cash payments can pay their order amount to the card number indicated below as card to card.
You can use ATMs or ATM cards. However, paying through the website's payment gateway is easier and faster due to its high level of automation, and we recommend you to use this method for payment.
Card No. 8372 0961 3378 6104, Mellat Bank for Ebrahim Dabbaghi Sadr

To deposite in the account

If there is no possibility of payment with any of the electronic methods or willingness to pay in person at the bank, customers can pay to one of the following accounts and fax the receipt to 04134247219.
1. Bank Code 1642Account No. 61405 at Sepah Bank for Ebrahim Dabbaghi Sadr

Pay via gateway

When placing an order, all customers of Sadra leather Tannery can pay their order online through gateways available on the site of the company or internet panel of own personal bank.

Note that the successful payment of the order amount shows final payment registration and no need to inform it and your order will automatically be entered into the process of preparation and shipping.

Shipping Methods:

Free shipping in Tabriz city

Free delivery of Sadra Tannery is a special order for delivery in the city of Tabriz. Orders that are registered on working days until 14:00 can be delivered on the same day. Also, orders placed after 14 hours will be delivered at the first hours of the next day.
Note that free delivery only includes orders which value more than 1000 thousand Rials. The necessary coordination regarding the date and time of the delivery of the order is made on behalf of the customer by company before shipping.


Shipping via courier will only be in Sadra Tannery's city And the cost to the buyer for purchases of more than 100 million rials is for the seller and for the lesser purchases it is the buyer.

Express post

Approximate time for delivery of orders sent via Express post depending on the geographical range and the destination of the order is between 24 and 72 hours. The cost of cashing a Express post is the responsibility of the buyer.

Custom post

Orders that are delivered to them all over the country and outside the city of Tabriz are also sent using the custom post service. Approximate time of delivery of custom delivery by custom post is 7 days.
It should be noted that in special occasions and in the final days of the year, orders sent by post may reach customers with a slight delay due to traffic in post services.
If you are waiting for your order through the post service, you can track your post via the post company site to the following address:

 Shipping with freight

 For the comfort of the customers, the possibility to send through the freight has been provided. The cost of shipping with freight will be paid by the buyer and the fare will be calculated on the basis of the freight Common tariffs.

Delivery from Sadra Tannery's factory

After completing the final steps of ordering and purchasing, all raw materials of our customers' orders will be delivered to the customer in the company and the company does not take any responsibility for shipping costs.